NEW DANCE! Gorgon City- FTPA ft. Erik Hassle

Gorgon City has an album out called Sirens and if you haven't heard it, now is the time. They have built a buzz for this album around infectious singles like Real, Here for You, and Ready for Your Love. I can't say enough of their ability to pair super catchy vocal melodies with some of my favorite bass lines in music. Gorgon City slows down their dance album with the slow-burning gem FTPA featuring Erik Hassle. It's a song about emotional scars and the pain that accumulates, with Erik urging his lover to let him fuck the pain away. Enjoy this one, I have a feeling you'll be playing it for a while.

Gorgon City on Soundcloud

NEW HIP HOP! G-Eazy- Far Alone (Josh Pan & Rgry Remix)

G-Eazy is a rapper out of Oak town, whose career has been gaining traction this year with the release of his album These Things Happen. Eazy has a distinctive flow with a much welcomed bay influence, an engaging story telling style, and an ability to bring it all together in a catchy way. Josh Pan is a NYC producer who along with his boy Rgry took Far Alone and smoothed it out while turning up the bass. The deep sound and earworm lines keep this one in rotation.

G-Eazy on Soundcloud
Josh Pan on Soundcloud

Bonus Cut- G-Eazy- Been on is the one I keep going back to on the album

NEW BEATS! Fortune- Unity

Flo-Fi, the music collective who is consistently leading the way in the future r&b movement, has just released a compilation in honor of reaching 20,000 followers on Soundcloud. It is no surprise that Fortune put out my favorite track. A re-work of the Queen Latifa classic U.N.I.T.Y, Fortune slows down the chant, makes good use of the horns, and injects enough low-end to ease your mind and transport you into a zone where your problems can melt away. Sit back, spark one and keep it on repeat...

Fortune on Soundcloud
Flo-Fi on Souncloud